Remote working done right

In times past I’m sure we’ve all raised a knowing eyebrow at the mention of a colleague or friend ‘working from home’, but the reality is remote working can be highly beneficial for businesses.

Remote working the easy way

Research by BT has suggested remote workers may prove more productive than those who are chained to the office. By removing the hassles of commuting and limiting the number of interruptions remote workers often produce longer hours. Plus there is less reason to pull that sickie when working under your own steam.

In many cases, the requirement for remote working are simple – with over 75% of the UK workforce employed as knowledge workers, the basics can be as simple as a phone and a data connection. However, while this appears simple, businesses must understand the increased risk that comes with such flexibility.

Home is where the data is

Data security may be compromised by taking it outside and relying on a variety connections from a number of unmonitored locations. Data held on remote machines may be vulnerable if there aren’t robust measures to ensure adequate backups or central hosting. By ensuring you have a solid network infrastructure, you may gain the benefits of remote working and the increases in productivity it can bring without compromising¬†security.

Help-IT offer a range of solutions to aid the process of remote working, and are happy to help companies of all sizes understand both the benefits and pitfalls that can arise. There is a lot to be gained from its introduction, both for the business and its employees, so please contact us today and we can help you to take work away from the office without taking chances.