When data backup nearly became disaster movie

The good people of Pixar revealed the dramas behind the scenes during the making of their second outing for Woody, Buzz et al, and with it gave us a drama as tense as anything their scriptwriters could have hoped to produce.

Data backup disaster for Pixar

The story, in greatly reduced form, is as follows: senior Pixar people suddenly start seeing files disappear, and then more, and then more. Before their very eyes, the data for their entire movie is being deleted from the bottom up. The order goes out to pull the plug – take the entire system offline in order to try and stop the damage. But the damage is considerable, and huge chunks of data have already been deleted.

However, all is well, because Pixar of course have backups. Except, it emerges, the data backups haven’t been working for a while. The feel-good family movie has suddenly turned into a massive disaster story.

As we know, however, the movie was made. So what saved Toy Story 2? I’ll leave that to the storytellers:


Would your ending be a tearjerker?

The Pixar tale is an eye-opener as it brings home just how close a disaster can be, even to a project this visible or a company this tech-savvy. After breathing the sigh of relief on their behalf it should nudge every business to take a long and hard look at their own data security and backup arrangements.

The disaster that can ruin you does not always have to be a huge dramatic event – although we at Help-IT did have the experience of suffering a fire that destroyed our premises, and survived by having a solid backup solution – it can be as simple as the wrong person playing with the wrong files, or the wrong piece of hardware failing at the wrong moment.

Likewise while you may feel you have adequate backups, unless you have proven you can restore your data from them you too could simply be relying on a miracle should disaster strike.

In short: Be sure that you understand where your risks lie, and how great they are. Don’t trust assumptions about the safety and security of your data, ensure the backup solutions are in place and robust, and always be sure to test your backups regularly.

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