We are Help-IT

Hello, and welcome to the blog for Help-IT Consultancy Ltd.

For the first post on the blog I thought it made a little sense to talk about us. Not just the ‘about us’ that can be found on our company website, but a bit about us – the people behind the company.

We have three principals in the business: Freddie, Mark and Mike. The three of us go back a long way, and are bound by ties of family and friendship that have existed for twenty years or more. We have worked together in the past, we have worked separately. Each of us has owned and run a business. There are (to varying degrees) a bit of geekiness, gadget love and business sense among us – I won’t try to quantify who has what! We like to think our balance of skills and personalities works, both for us and the companies we work with.

And so we experienced one of those moments of clarity a while back when we sat down, looked at our respective businesses and abilities and said ‘you know, we really should be working together.’ Unlike most similar moments this one seemed sensible, we actually decided to go for it and pool our resources and know-how into making Help-IT a bigger, better and faster growing enterprise.

Already through 2013 and into this year we have seen the befits of these efforts, with larger installations and a growing customer base. Over time we of course hope to develop even further, and this blog is a key part of our strategy to do so.

We hope it will develop into a useful resource that is also an interesting read. We will try to intersperse information with news and the odd thing that interests or amuses us in the hope that others will want to read our blog and converse with us.

As such, we are open to all suggestions and any reasonable requests – if you would like us to write or advise on any IT topic just let us know via the comments, or alternatively you can contact Help-IT directly.

And so that is post number one in the bag, we hope you will join us for a good few more.